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Engaging, hands-on and though-provoking workshops are a crucial part of our methodology in projects. We also facilitate workshops on request.


Let's Rule Over AI workshop

Objective: stimulate discussion on digital rights

Expectations surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) are soaring. Who wouldn’t aspire to a world that’s both smarter and more prosperous? Yet, as we navigate these aspirations, it's undeniable that AI is fundamentally altering the fabric of our society. AI systems are not just profiling and making recommendations; they are influencing decisions, and in some instances, even engaging in deception and manipulation. This makes AI developers powerful actors.

In any democratic society, checks and balances on such power are paramount. This begs the question – is our existing legal framework equipped to handle this emergent power dynamic? What rights and protections do individuals need to ensure an inclusive, equitable, and prosperous future in a world intertwined with AI?

In this workshop we will collaboratively explore and draft the necessary laws and regulations to govern AI, ensuring it serves the collective good, fostering a future where technology and humanity coexist and thrive.

The participants co-develop ten new rules in a hybrid environment. Part online, part offline, and simultaniously connected across rooms. The teams can interact via chat, change eachothers rules and vote.

Capacity: 12 - 42 participants split in groups of 4 - 6
Facilities: one break out room and laptop per group
Duration: 1 - 2 hours