Our mission is to strenghten democracy, design futures, drive societal transitions and promote technological citizenship.


The Post-X Society Foundation is an emerging non-profit organization focused on strengthening democracy, designing futures, drive societal transitions, and promoting technological citizenship.

The Foundation achieves this by reinforcing democratic processes, involving people in these processes, and designing futures in co-creation with all stakeholders.

The activities are primarily aimed at the pioneers and drivers of societal change. By collaborating with various stakeholders, such as governments, civil organizations, and companies, the foundation aims to reflect the diversity of society and increase its impact.

The vision of the Foundation involves interpreting democracy and technology as a cultural phenomenon. Therefore, the Foundation utilizes all facets within the cultural spectrum, from art and design to activism and policy advice.

Together, we determine what needs to change, what we want to free ourselves from, or in other words, together we move towards the Post-X Society.


engaging and mobilizing people


driving change by hands-on collective action


driving change by hands-on collective action

annual report

Curious about the outcome of this mission? Take a look at an annual report: